Freedom can perhaps be most appreciated by someone who has had to live without it, for any length of time, who has had it taken away for any reason.

I am the grand-daughter of a one of India’s freedom fighters, and on his knee I have learned about patriotism, democracy, and the sacrifices of those who safeguard freedom. He embodied the ideals of a patriot in many ways….at 72 he walked upright, and made a striking figure with his shock of white hair, his imposing height and the meticulously carved canes he carried. Wore “Khadi” and wood sandals on his feet, and carried Motherland close to his heart.

This beautiful country I have now embraced, and it has embraced me…neither me nor anyone in my family has raised a hand to protect its freedom. But I deeply respect and value those who did. Both India and USA gained freedom from the same colonial rule.

My gratitude, for every man and woman who has stood between our freedom and forces that have dared threaten it. 🙂