Why Us?


Real Spaces. Real People. Real Estate.

We strive to being the “Real” or “Sincere” into every one of our transactions.


We all understand that we live in a Global world. This means buyers and sellers are always moving across country and continent lines for work, for investment and for relaxation.

Our brokerage is truly GLOCAL, which means that we do everything your local and national big box brokerage does, we harness the power of the Multiple Listing Service and market your properties to nationwide audiences.

On a local level, we provide extensive training and coaching to our agents, and foster a close relationship between the broker and the agent. We keep abreast of every new technological development in the field, and have presence at many major state, national and International conferences. And bring it all back to our clients, to what benefits them most.

And then. we take this a step beyond. Our listings are syndicated through to 100 websites in 61 countries, and translated into the language of these countries, so for example, folks in China are able to search for properties in our areas in THEIR language.We also list our featured properties on high traffic international websites like Proxio.

Send me a quick email to find out about how your property can be featured on the Global arena.

Have you wondered about global markets, about where would be a great country to own property? Which country has the best quality of living, amenable taxes and peaceful government? Contact me for a consultation about global investment and markets.


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